Is ClearLift Ultra Really “Botox in a Bottle”?

Regardless of how unappealing the thought of needles being poked in your face may be, the reality is that Botox operations bring about real, prompt results. But what about those of us that don’t have the urge (or the cash) to endure such an operation? What alternatives are there?

For your consideration, we present the very latest breakthrough in anti-wrinkle engineering, ClearLift Ultra. Many are calling it “face lift in a bottle” due to the strong and nearly instant outcomes that can be compared to the results of Botox. And, in contrast with Botox or Restylane, ClearLift ultra possesses no known dangers or side effects.

Let’s take a look now at the pros of this groundbreaking anti-aging cream:

  • Increased skin
  • Strong decrease of facial wrinkles
  • Protects and restores the skin
  • Battles collagen loss
  • No prescription is required

The following are the primary elements of ClearLift Ultra:

  • Argirlene – Works to subdue facial tension and wrinkle depth
  • Leuphasyl – Modulates muscle contraction, which helps to minimise wrinkles close to the eyes and forehead.
  • *Matrixly 3000 – Holds two different lipopeptides that help create collagen. Helps restore skin and also better elasticity.
  • Tripeptide – Smooths out skin, particularly skin that is specially predisposed to wrinkles.
  • Octapeptide – Diminished wrinkle deepness by stretching the muscles of the skin.
  • Sea Weed Extract – Creates the instant facelift effect by toning and tightening the skin virtually immediately.

How Much Does it Cost?

You might anticipate paying somewhere in the vicinity of $100 or more for this variety of vanguard anti-wrinkle cream…but fortunately for the time being you can acquire ClearLift Ultra via a promotional 14 day free trial offer. Although the trial offer is free, please note you will be required to pay for shipping and handling charges.