Redfish are one of the more popular game fish targets along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Check out the latest fishing tips and techniques for catching redfish.


Red Drum go by many different names depending upon their size and where you fish for them. Redfish is a common nickname, but you’ll also hear spottail bass, puppy drum, bull drum and more. Redfish can be found in Atlantic and Gulf inshore habitats for much of their lives, but they spawn offshore. The biggest ever caught weighed 94 pounds 2 ounces and came out of Avon, North Carolina.

Anglers fish for redfish using lures, live bait and dead bait. This is a popular tournament species and a fun one to target by sight-casting. Reds often feed on crabs in marsh grasses, and their tails can be spotted waving above water. A precise cast can earn an instant hookup.