Saltwater Game Fish

Expert tips and techniques to catch the most popular game fish, coupled with the science and biology behind your favorite fish species.


The greatest thrill of fishing lies in fighting a game fish that tests your tackle and skill as an angler. Maybe the hardest part is tempting the fish to bite. Maybe the fight itself is grueling and drawn out. Or maybe you find the taste of success in the fillet, after you’ve cooked it over the fire. No matter how you find your enjoyment and thrill when fishing, there’s a game fish species that’s right for you.

Popular Game Fish


Game Fish Science and Biology

Many different and unusual fish species swim in our oceans. Some can see in near-dark conditions; some can change gender, and at least one can actually breathe air. Some spawn at an early age and often, while others must grow well into maturity before reproducing, Each species’ unique biology helps anglers learn how to catch them and helps scientists determine our impact on their overall health.

Game Fish Conservation

With fishermen becoming better and better at catching fish each year, the fish don’t have a chance unless regulations are put in place to protect them from overfishing. Better boats, better electronics and better technology give anglers major advantages over their prey. Find out what conservation measures affect your favorite species to make sure they’ll be available to catch year after year.